The Wondershop Series are carefully curated classes designed to address topics wedding industry professionals often wonder about. The content of each course is geared towards professionals at every step of their career, from those starting out to those with several years experience. Each class is an amazing opportunity to interact with others in your same field as well as get real world experience and advice from some of the industry's biggest names. We believe there is no end to learning, so go ahead, sign up and enjoy the benefits of investing in yourself as a professional and business owner - you deserve it!



Meet The Team

  • Jessie Evans

    I believe in love and laughter and all things pretty. I’ve been a professional photographer for 6+ years and can’t imagine any career more rewarding than spending my time creating and capturing moments of love and laughter.

    I am a wife and mother whose passion for life and love reflects into my every-day life. I have a fondness for pink, cotton candy, and cuddling with my husband and babies.

  • Lizy Bowden

    My fondness for flowers was cultivated in my grandmother’s garden. Since then, I’ve been fascinated by the beauty and life that flowers hold, and although I dabbled in other career paths, nothing stirred my passion like the creativity of floral design. It’s been a long but rewarding path acquiring the skills necessary to offer that beauty to others.

    My husband and son top my list of favorite things, followed closely by shopping and laughing with friends.

  • Amy McFarland

    I am a hopeless romantic and a sucker for chivalry. I believe a man should hold the door for a lady and I feel that love letters and giving flowers should never go out of style. Though it may sound cliché, the day I married my husband was literally the best day of my existence. Because of him, I followed this photography dream and have loved every minute of it.

    I also adore designing and styling photo shoots. Though my dreams are sometimes lofty, I love bringing my visions to life and to share them with other photographers through shoot outs. Helping others to grow in their business with beautiful and unique imagery makes my heart happy.

  • Rachel and Michael Farner

    After a year of donating plasma, Michael bought me my first DSLR and I started my transition from faux-tographer to Photographer to Storyteller. It wasn’t until I started shooting weddings that Michael caught the bug. From raising our children, to running our businesses and just plain running, we’re partners in all aspects of our lives. If you’ve ever seen us shoot, you’ll notice a lot of hand gestures… don’t worry, we’re {probably} not talking about you. Michael and I both have a Bachelor Degree in Deaf Studies and are fluent in Sign Language.

    Over the years we’ve come to realize that our passion is in storytelling photography. Everything about our business revolves around our client’s story; from the first inquiry to the album design, we’re truly emotion based photographers. We have a mutual love for teaching and mentoring and are so thrilled to have the opportunity to share our passion with others.

  • Greg Bishop

    Greg is the founder of and has helped thousands of photographers figure out the business side of their photography business. Greg has a done a lot of business things in his career like getting an MBA, running several multi-million dollar companies and teaching at BYU’s business school. But that is only half of what makes him so great at helping photographers. The other half, is his wife Jess who is the photographer behind

    Through Greg’s career, Jess has reinvented her photography business in three completely different locations, developed into a professional photographer and had to struggle and then succeed at the business side. Greg’s years of experience in business combined with a close understanding of being a creative photographer makes him perfect at helping photographers figure out the business side of photography. He’s great at taking the best practices of large companies and showing photographers how they can apply that to their photography businesses.


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